KARBONIT Bike Map Holder

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MTB Map Holder made ??of durable, powder coated aluminum alloy.

  • Rotating desk
  • Top cover (no clips or velo!)
  • Stainless steel screws 
  • Optional: tool-free mount with thumb screws
  • Suitable for 1-1/4" and 1" handlebar diameter

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Box contains:

  1. A complete cycling map board, ready to use (frame, top, cover)
  2. Stainless steel machine screws (you can buy thumb screws on our webpage)
  3. Thin rubber protective pads
  4. Hard rubber adapters for larger map holders
  5. A manual in english


FRAME is made ??of durable aluminum alloy on precision CNC machines. Stainless steel machine screws provide a strong grip. Map holder can be easily set to any cyclist to get a comfortable ride and ease of map reading. 

Optional equipment (for a fee): extra thumb screws for mounting without tools. Tightening with fingers enables quick assembly and disassembly but requires strong hands.


FRAME is made for 1-1/4" handlebar diameter and has rubber adapters for 1" handlebars. (we no longer produce mapholders exclusively for 1" handlebars, since rubber adapters are good enough)

ROTARY TOP is made of durable, elastic and impact-resistant plastic. Transparent surface allows visibility when driving without a map, and rounded corners provide safety in case of crash. The rigidity of the table top, and the force for rotation is controlled by a stainless steel screw with a self-locking nut, also made of stainless steel. Top has dimensions of 11x11" (28x28 cm).


MAP COVER is made of a thin, elastic material and gives you the ability to instantly install your map without use of clips, naps or velcro (video below)

You can buy spare tops and covers in our online store. 

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